Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Innovative Skunky Mainer

Striped Skunk

Reading a local weekly newspaper the other day, I noticed the police department's report for the previous week. An officer had issued a summons to a local man for applying skunk scent to the front steps of the village hall. Skunk scent is usually made from skunk musk gland, and is extremely difficult to remove from fabric - like carpeting.

Therefore, every time someone walked those front steps into the village hall, they tracked the dried crystals into the interior of the village offices, and the scent was probably pretty bad.

It didn't take too long for the village officials to determine who the likely suspect was, and after an investigation by the police department, a summons was issued. No mention was made of why this individual was so mad at the village officials, but he certainly found an unusual way to get even.

Unfortunately, the village has now spent more than $3,000 in attempts to remove the scent, hence the legal action. Sure glad I don't work at the village offices . . .

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