Friday, August 18, 2006

The Story behind the Sign

In Sheepscot, Maine, after months of construction, a new bridge was opened. Sheepscot is a rural village, with just a few dozen homes on either side of the Sheepscot River. There's no main street, no commercial businesses - it's just a simple, quiet, residential village with a two-lane blacktop road running through it.

This road is often driven by knowledgable locals who use it to get around long traffic lines on Route 1 during the busy tourist season. By driving through Sheepscot and across the new bridge, one can cut 20 minutes off the bumper-to-bumper, snail's pace five-miles-an-hour traffic jam on Route 1 in mid-coast Maine. Few tourists know about this shortcut.

Apparently, a few locals have been driving too fast for this quiet little village, and this particular villager isn't happy about it. This sign was recently erected, and it certainly catches your attention!!

Mainers do speak their minds . . .

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