Sunday, November 02, 2008

Great Pet Photography Tutorial!

Happy Furry Friday! by Buntekuh.
While wandering through the website of digital Photography
, I noticed their tutorial on photographing pets.
Besides the great shots like this one by Buntekuh, also
known asSabine, her series of nearly 400 shots of cats on
her Flickr page is spectacular.

The dPS tutorial had several other excellent examples of
pets, and offered nine different ideas on how to achieve
great pet photos. This guest post on Pet Photography was
written by Antoine Khater at All Day I Dream about

I've found a tremendous amount of great photo information
at dPS, and signed up a while ago for their daily updates.
Hardly a day goes by that I haven't found something fun or
useful - it's one of my favorite sites for quick and easy
photo info.

Photo of the white kitten (below) is by Jose' Luna. You
can click on this photo to see more of his work.



p2pix said...

Thanks Beth, I signed up for the Digital Photography School and plan to check out the forum there too.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh my that kitten is so white! How cute!

I told cameron about your scrabble addiction..and that he could use my FB account if he wants to play. But i doubt he will..we keep trying to get him to play with his dad but he says the nausea is too strong to think. Maybe someday he will be able too..he's supposed to start feeling better if we can figure out what the heck he is allergic to.

Thanks for offering though..I will definitely remember this and remind him when he starts feeling better..he would probably love it! He loves words..thats always been his best subject in school..vocabulary and spelling :)