Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Animoto - for Fabulous & Free Custom Slide Shows

The guys at Animoto

When a photographer friend showed me his first attempt at creating his own video with Animoto, I have to admit I was impressed. He was just playing around with some images, and the end result was fabulous. I'm definitely sold on Animoto.

If you are looking for a quick and easy web application to put together your photos for a free short slide show, Animoto Productions is just what you need.

You can create a holiday greetings video - of your pets, your kids, your skiing trip, your office Christmas party - or just about anything else you'd like to share. You upload the photos, use either their music (and they have lots of licensed tunes to choose from) or your own uploaded music, and they'll put it all together in a customized short video that looks just like a movie trailer.

Like hip-hop? Punk? Mozart? Animoto's technology works with your images, taking into account the genre, energy, vocals and instrumentals your selected music needs to match your photos for a one-of-a-kind video.

Based in New York City, Animoto consists of a bunch of techie tv and film producers who create with a wide-screen format with a motion and energy "movie-feel" to them.

The same television and movie skills these veteran-techies used in the film and television industries make Animoto a perfect choice for both personal and business films. Their credentials include the 2003 and 2004 Video Music Awards (MTV); the Katrina Benefit (ABC, NBC, CBS); Worlds Aids Day Concert (MTV); Dr. Keith Albow (Warner Brothers); The Constitution (ABC); Alanis Morissette Concert (Viacom); Peter Jennings: The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy (ABC); Steep: A Documentary of Extreme Skiing (The Documentary Group), and many more industry works.

Animoto videos only take minutes to create, are never boring, and you can share them with family, friends, co-workers, customers or anyone you wish to send them to. Once you have chosen your photos, you can actually create a short video that's embed-able in your website, or can be downloaded or emailed, too. They can even be included in sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Make unlimited short films for free, or you can sign up for their business program. For commercial needs, Animoto creates dvd-qulaity videos for any kind of business. A wide variety of companies have used Animoto, including wineries, real estate brokers, wedding photographers, sports teams, and on-line retailers.

Animoto costs $99 for three months, or $249 for a full year. You can also purchase - or give as a gift - an all-access pass for $30. If you decide to sign in to Animoto, please click on the Animoto button at right, or use my referral number prjusnxl - thanks!

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