Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally - My 50mm Has Arrived

Been taking some time off from blogging, as we finalized taxes - my favorite thing to do, besides cleaning the kitty litter boxes. But now that they are done, I can do more fun things - like play with my new lens and knit more stuff.

After waiting for nearly three weeks, Norman Camera finally had a shipment of Canon lenses arrive, and Tom picked up my replacement 50 mm. Haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, but will be trying it out soon and will post some pictures here. The photo at the right is with the nifty-fifty, but the darn baby booties kept falling over every time I tried to shoot them (after all, they're meant to be filled with baby toes), so I had to move fast to catch them before they flopped over. Definitely not my best shot, but I've been promising friends I'd show off my latest skills - if that's what you can call knitting booties - so here 'tis. They've been donated to charity, as will the next couple of pairs, as I play with the pattern and try some different ideas.

I was hoping to shoot Tom this evening in the waning hours of sunlight, but he was a bit too tired to model for me. He's been doing well - considering he's been fighting a bad case of the shingles - and has only needed an afternoon nap each day. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so we're hoping to get outside and enjoy the weather, with models Tom and Streak, his nextest-best friend (I rate first, thankfully . . . )


Duane Stevens said...


At that age, the booties will fall over WITH the baby-feet inserted too.

beth pulsipher said...

ROFL - thanks for a good laugh, Duane!

patty said...

Try stuffing them with tissue to keep the form. That should allow you to set them any way you wish...They are awesome! I admire & envy your talent lady :)

Patricia said...

Patty has the right idea. I've stuffed a couple of things in order to shot pics. Love the colors too Beth.

beth pulsipher said...

I can stuff with the best of them!!! LOL Thanks for the suggestion - there's more booties on my list . . . :)