Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cheap/Free Business Cards

A few years ago, I discovered through another antiques dealer how to order business cards on-line at very little cost. Seemed like a great deal, and I've used VistaPrint ever since. They call them "free" business cards, which they actually are, but you do have to pay for shipping, which is around $6 or so for 250 cards.

I've ordered several different styles of business cards over the years, changing them as needed. I've ordered them for me, for my husband, for friends as gifts. Once, during a special Christmas event, I ordered cards with our business name and "VIP - Special 15% Discount for our Favorite Customers " printed on them, and we gave them out to all our customers.

For a professional look at little cost, these cards offer an opportunity to advertise and market your business, or - if you are a collector - to give dealers information on how to contact you if they find something you might be interested in.

VistaPrint has 42 different designs in their free section, and many more designs if you decided to upgrade to their pay-for cards. There are lots of choices in how to place info on your business cards, and the free designs give you several possibilities for special phrases you might wish to include. The best part is that they don't limit you in the number of orders - as long as you are willing to pay for shipping, you can keep ordering.

The quality of the cards is quite nice. The free cards are in full-color and matte finish, but for an up-charge you can make them glossy, add your own art or logo, or do several other options.

They also have many other print products - letterhead, postcards, note cards, address labels and much more. Once you've ordered from them, they will send you email "specials" if you wish, which I have occasionally used also - some of their specials are pretty good deals.

I've even used their cards as upscale price tags for my antiques when exhibiting at shows! Just get creative with their cards and your own wording - there's lots of neat things you can do with them. Take a look at their website and see what you think.

For more information on
VistaPrint, click here.

And no, I don't get anything special out of telling you about VistaPrint. No free cards, no discounts, no anything, except the satisfaction of sharing good information on a freebie (there aren't a whole lot of those around!), just like another dealer did for me several years ago.

>>> Smile of the day:

~ How to Become an Antique Dealer ~

First, buy a bag of marbles.
Then, when you find an antique, leave a marble.
When you've lost all your marbles -
You are an Antique Dealer!

(thanks to Ken Bezanson of Country Barn Antiques, Port Williams, Nova Scotia)

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