Monday, March 20, 2006

The "Cheat Sheet of Phone Numbers" - Get a Real Human instead of Voice Mail!

If you've heard about Paul English's site which lists many corporate phone numbers for direct help, but didn't know how to find his "cheat sheet" list of phone numbers, click here.

This is such a helpful site - here's where you can find phone numbers and special codes for assistance, which should get you to a live human being, too! You'll find automotive, financial, insurance, retail, internet, wireless phone, pharmacies, shipping and many other businesses as well as governmenet agencies too.

This is a free website run by volunteers and used by over one million people who want quality customer support from the companies they use. These "secret" phone numbers and codes will usually get you past all the voice mail and get you real human being to address your problem. If you have the time, please do take a moment and evaluate this site - they'd appreciate the feedback!

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