Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Junk Gypsies in Texas

If you've never heard of the Junk Gypsies, you probably didn't see them on the Today Show on NBC this morning. A full 10 minute segment showcased them, taped at the Antiques Shows in Texas sometime over the past two weeks, and showed their unique style of vintage clothing and accessories.

The Junk Gypsies are reknowed for their fun way of dressing expressively and inexpensively. The whole goal is to find nifty, one-of-a-kind fashions which reflect one's own individual tastes at a very small cost. They offer many styles for sale in their tent, and are quite popular at the Warrenton section of the Texas shows. They also have lots of jewelry, hats, belts and other playful apparel, all meant to be un-serious and fun-loving.

You can't miss them - they park Large Marge, their hot pink Suburban which has JUNK GYPSIES prominently painted in huge black letters on the side, right next to their tent on Hwy 237, the main drag of all the shows. Great advertising and an easy way to find them! Large Marge is their personal signature vehicle, and suits them perfectly - after all, how many hot pink vintage Chevy Suburbans are out there?

These gals are into living life's pleasures to the fullest, and it shows in their dress and their actions. They are party-hardy kind of gals, and their Prom night is known far and wide. They'll be back again for the Texas shows in September 2006, so if you'll be in Round Top and Warrenton for the shows, do pay them a visit - they're definitely worth a visit! If you'd like to read more about them and their different style of doing business, click here to go to their website.

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