Sunday, November 26, 2006

Antiques Make Great Christmas Gifts

Since Monday, November 27th, will be the biggest on-line shopping day of the year, today's blog is dedicated to all those who enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts on-line.

Need some ideas for yo
ur Christmas list? Think antiques, and try these:

Mom: Vintage jewelry, old and pretty picture frames for family photos, interesting vintage desktop accessories - an inkwell, perhaps, or a small tray to hold pens . . .

Sisters and Female friends: all of the above, also Christmas ornaments, souvenirs from places they've been, pretty decorative perfumes, decorative old kitchen items, vintage sewing items, white ironstone
bowls or pitchers . . .

Fathers, Brothers and Male friends: antique tools, a Western bolo tie,
antique pocket knife, folk art, books, antique hand tools, watch chains for their pocket watch, stoneware, vintage cufflinks . . .

Of course, you can find many of these different antiques in my antiques webshop on Ruby Lane.

Take a quick spin through my shop, forgive my shameless self-promotion, and enjoy a browse through Memory Lane!

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