Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong Cancer Foundation

Most everyone knows the wonderful story of Lance Armstrong, 7 time winner of the Tour de France bicycle races.

At age 25 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which quickly spread to his abdomen, brain and lungs. He had ignored the early warning signs, something often done by young healthy men. Testicular cancer, if found early, has a 90% recovery rate. But Lance faced a major uphill battle with his multiple cancers, and is here today to share his success, positive thinking and hope through his Lance Armstrong Foundation.

He took a Survivor's approach - not only did he educate himself specifically about his cancers, but he combined a strong support system with his natural competitive spirit. With aggressive treatment, he beat cancer and today is back to racing again.

Lance has dedicated his life as an advocate for people living with cancer and as a world representative for the cancer community. The Lance Armstrong Foundation's LiveStrong is a testament to this dedication - for those with cancer, it offers hope and information toward becoming well again.

His site includes a search section for cancer trial studies, his own blog, and detailed information about the doctors, treatment and drugs he used in his own battle against cancer. For a guy who's had aggressive chemo treatments, brain surgery for two cancerous lesions and surgery to remove his cancerous testicle, you might say that Lance Armstrong is one tough, determined man.

He's on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (@lancearmstrong). YouTube has a zillion videos of him (actually, there's 111, but that's a whole lot of Lance and his positive message getting out to the public).

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has a new home in Austin, Texas. His new building is made of many recycled materials, and he used an old mill for it's foundation. He's also announced last Fall that he's returning to professional cycling.

Lance is one busy guy. And he's doing it for people like my husband Tom. He doesn't know Tom, and it doesn't matter. Lance Armstrong stands as a beacon of hope for people like us. We're fighting cancer and and it consumes our lives. We need to know that cancer can be beaten. Lance Armstrong proves it can.

For Tom and me, Lance is our hero. He's not only beaten cancer, but he's forged ahead both personally in his cyclist career, but also in using his life's experience to help others in their own cancer battles. He chooses to live strong, and his confidence and positive attitude is a monument to his personal resolution to fight and win this war against cancer.

On February 22, Lance returns to racing at the AMGEN Tour of California. GO LANCE!! We're rooting for you!

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jill said...

Funny, JUST before I popped over to your blog, I was reading about the Amgen Tour. Stage 3 starting line is walking distance from my house :) I think I'm gonna' have to go get some pics...

I'll say HI to Lance for ya' if I get a chance!