Thursday, March 12, 2009

TDP - Prayers Do Work - Great News!

Okay, deep breath. Another deep breath. Okay, I'm calm now, at least for this moment.


We're SO excited, so happy - this news is fabulous! Tom saw his oncologist on Tuesday, and we've been floating on air ever since. (Well, I've been floating on air - Tom's been sleeping pretty much since his Tuesday chemo treatment, but since he's horizontal, that almost counts, right?)

The good news is that the two trial chemo treatments Tom has had so far are downsizing his cancerous spots in a measurable way - from 30% to 50% in many of them. Some they couldn't tell for certain, but his oncologist pointed out that chemo isn't selective: if it's working on some, then there's a really good chance that the other areas are being affected by the chemo too.

The CT scan showed most of his cancerous areas, but a few just don't show well in CT scans. We aren't worried - we figure it may take extra time for some areas, and he's just had his third chemo. We're in attack mode!

So onwards we go - two more treatments, then another CT scan to see how things are going. We realistically understand that there's no way to predict what the future holds, but we're okay with that. And we've learned that this particular combination of drugs has worked well for others in the study too, which was very encouraging news. In fact, one fellow asked to be taken off chemo but to continue coming in to be checked regularly - his cancer has pretty much disappeared, and the study is monitoring his progress. So far, he's okay. The doctors in this study are really pleased with the results they've been seeing so far.

More good news - Tom has finally gained some weight. He'd lost 100 pounds since last Spring, so it was good to learn that after stuffing himself as full as a Christmas Goose these past few weeks, it's finally paying off. He can only manage a few ounces at a time, due to the constriction of his esophagus, so he's constantly grazing. But he gained three pounds since his last weigh-in three weeks ago, and we're thrilled.

Noticeable changes - he's actually managed a small amount of pizza, and also a hot dog (although all other meats still make him throw up). He's been getting enough calories and protein in, and has found a high calorie chocolate milk shake which he really likes, and which definitely accounts for the weight gain. He's planning on being at his benefit dinner next Monday, but is skipping the corned beef and heading straight for the dessert table.

The photo above shows him standing next to the big sign his Masonic brothers put up. It's hard to read the darned sign - they had to wrap it in cellophane to keep the wind from blowing the letters into the next county.

We recognize the power of prayer, and especially, the strong power of our friends' and family's prayers. You are the reason Tom is doing so well, and we thank you with all our heart. Our friends and family have kept us strong.

People all over the world have prayed for Tom, from our next-door neighbors to a really cool Reiki practitioner in India, to friends we've never met but love all the same. All of you have been there for Tom, asking for help and health for him, and it worked!

Tonight, I'm asking God to do something special for each of you. I don't know what he'll choose, but I hope it is something that makes your life better. You certainly have made ours better.


Patricia said...

I'm so glad to hear Tom's progress. That's such great news Beth. We can only keep wishing more great success with this for both of you.

Gardenartus said...

Sweet Friend once again big tears of joy, big Fat Tears of Joy. My heart is overcome with it. Prayers do work and I hope the ones you say today may touch someone as the ones that have you and Tom. God Bless all who have prayed for you two and will continue to do so.

((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))
For you Both~
My love too. :0)