Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TDP - Time-out: It's Chemo Day

Just a quick update - Tom's having chemo at U of M in Ann Arbor today, and he's definitely not looking forward to this upcoming week and all the tiredness and sleeping he'll be doing. Once we get past the first ten days or so, he'll be feeling better - but it won't stop him from attending his dinner next Monday. He's such a hard-head, determined to personally welcome everyone who comes. Forgive him if he doesn't eat any corned beef - you really don't want him to do that, since any meat still makes him head for the nearest bathroom.

Big Thank Yous and gigantic hugs to those of you who have pushed Tom's button (I just love that mental image!) and given a gift from your hearts. Your kindness to us will not be forgotten.

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Gardenartus said...

How did it go Beth?