Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meet Mr and Mrs Scarfy Honeybear!

Several years ago, a new customer walked into my antiques shop. She owned a business a couple doors down, and was looking for antique furniture to incorporate into her business setting.

Over time, we got to know each other, and eventually, I found that she is a KnitNut. I say that lovingly, as anyone who is a KnitNut has my full and complete adoration.

Charlotte has become my knitting inspiration. When she was caring for her mother, she knit her way through countless doctor's appointments and medical treatments. She knit so much, she had lots of wonderful scarves and shawls - and I sold them in my shop, because they were so beautiful. Tom bought me one in bold blue colors that she embellished with a special cat button, because she knows how attached I am to our cats.

This past year, Charlotte and her husband have been going through similar medical circumstances as Tom and I. Her Tom (yep, we're both Tom-women) has struggled through very difficult times, and they both managed to keep smiles and laughter going while sharing their story on her husband Tom's blog.

Her Tom is a hobbyist beekeeper, which accounts for many funny stories. (If you think beekeeping is boring, you need to read this blog - are you going to be surprised!) Recently, Charlotte mentioned that she had knit individual tiny scarves for all the honeybear bottles they'd produced from last year's hives. I couldn't help myself - a mini Charolotte scarf on a honeybear bottle??? I just HAD to have one! She kindly tolerated my begging email, and sent me TWO honeybears - Mr. Scarfy with his black and gray shimmery scarf, complete with honeybee decoration, and Mrs. Scarfy, in her green and white scarf with pretty Spring-pink flower.

Thank you, Charlotte - I think they're GREAT!

Charlotte's been very busy knitting tiny scarves, as you can see in the photo of Charlotte and her Tom. Every one of those honeybears is from their own hives, and they personally bottled each one. Charlotte knit every tiny scarf in that photo!me-tom-choir

She's had a lot of time to knit, in doctor's waiting rooms and during the various hospital procedures her Tom has endured over the past year. I know that feeling far too well, since I knit baby hats, baby booties, scarves and baby sweaters under very similar circumstances. Knitting is calming and often mind-clearing; it helps get you through some of the darkest times. And after more than 30 years of non-knitting (Mom taught me when I was a teenager, but I wasn't really very interested back then), when the going got rough for me six months ago, I suddenly remembered Charlotte and her knitting.

It was if she'd sent me this silent light beam of hope. Knitting was something to not only occupy my time but to be involved in while waiting, and then waiting some more. Best of all, knitting made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something good.

Of course, Charlotte has no idea that she's had this effect on me. (Well, at least until she reads this . . .) Or that because of her, I've begun an entirely new journey as a knit-fanatic. It's all Charlotte's fault, and I am so thankful for her quiet, positive influence.

Every time I walk into my kitchen and see Mr and Mrs Honeybear, I think of Charlotte and Tom - and I smile. Plastic bears full of honey can make me smile really big.

So - here they are: introducing Mr and Mrs Scarfy Honeybear, honeys extraordinaire.

The label on the front says "BEE LOVED Honey from Tom's Bees". On the bottom is a special message: "Tom's happy bees are surrounded by flowers, love and a deep appreciation for their magic. Their message? Bee Caring."

I can do that.

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