Friday, May 22, 2009

So How's Tom???

So many of you have been asking about Tom, and so far, the news is good.

He's begun eating meat again! A change in his meds by a sharp doctor has made all the difference, and he's able to eat small quantities of meat without much trouble.

He had his sixth round of chemo last week, so this week is hell for him. He calls it "feeling icky", which doesn't really describe much yet clearly gets the point across on how utterly lousy he feels. Extra rest helps, and for the first 10 or so days after chemo he sleeps a lot. Yet every day he tries to accomplish something - folding laundry, or vacuuming, or making a few phone calls. It might take him an entire day to do a chore, but he's very determined. He's never been one to sit around.

Yesterday he was feeling pretty good in the morning, and decided to mow the lawn. It's been two weeks since it's last cutting, and our lawn grows far too well - the cats were disappearing in the tall grass. Here's Tom on his mower, happily zipping through our "pasture", and making our lawn once again looking like someone actually lives here.

After mowing, he made it until lunch, then headed for bed. But a few hours later he was up and talking about his next project - building my veggie stand. That will have to wait for another day, maybe even this weekend. As each day passes, he feels just a tiny bit better, but we let his body decide how much it can handle.

His oncologist has suggested that he take a break from chemo for a couple months. The triple-chemo treatments he's getting have weakened him, yet they are also responsible for making his tumors smaller.

Tom's definitely all for a break. While he's off chemo, they will still run tests to determine what's happening. But a summer with no chemo is wonderful, and we're hoping he'll regain some strength and some weight to continue his battle.

Thanks to everyone for caring - it means a lot. We truly appreciate all the love and kindness you've sent our way, and we're sending it back doubled to you!


Dena said...

Cool de Cool! Tom looks really good Beth, you can really see it in the pictures you take how much better he looks with each passing month. He is gonna kick cancers butt!

Thank you for the update which is uplifting for sure. When you get your stand up please post pictures. It is all quite charming and I would love to see it. BTW- Have you thought about knitting something for your plant containers? LOL

(((((((HUGS)))))) to you both,

Stacey said...

Tom looks so much better! I'm always thinking of you guys! So glad that Tom has gained weight, and that you could have a summer free of chemo to get stronger and healthier!
As always, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

beth pulsipher said...

Thanks for your kind comments - Tom says hi to both of you! :)