Wednesday, June 18, 2008

About Me

I just received an email from someone who had read my blog and wanted to know what I looked like, also a bit about my background.

Yikes! It's hard to write about yourself, but I'll give it my best without being horribly boring. Posted at the left is a recent photo of me, taken by my husband on a glorious Spring day. We were out shooting, as we are both photographers specializing in selling our photos on the Internet. Not my best photo, but at least you get the idea of what I look like.

For the last 28 years I've been an antiques dealer. Originally I concentrated on 19th century furniture and home accessories, but have expanded over the years to include textiles (everything from lace to quilts to hooked rugs), sewing tools (the more unusual the better), and anything country and old, especially in old paint. I just love the colors used long ago - the reds, greens and blues are so vibrant, and look so wonderful being used in a modern home for both decoration and for practical use.

I truly believe that antiques should be useful, and search diligently for old things which still can be used today. Shelves, bookcases, tables, mirrors, art, quilts, rugs - these are just some of the things I love to find. Little did those folks in the 1800s realize that their everyday items would be so cherished one hundred years later!

My latest somewhat-weird passion - vintage cufflinks. That one I can't really explain - I don't own a single blouse that will accommodate cufflinks - but there's just something about them that captures me. They are easy to collect, since they don't take up much space, yet fun because there are so many different kinds to be discovered, in so many different shapes and styles, and in so many different price ranges from expensive to quite reasonably priced.

I never tire of hunting for them. They are just one of those fun little treats, and lately have become quite popular in my webshop. Since I sell to customers all over the world, they ship so easily because they are small. Sold the set on the right not too long ago - they were 1930s, quite Art Deco in style, and made of mother-of-pearl in a goldtone setting.

If you like antiques, be sure to drop by my little webshop at Ruby Lane. I'm always adding new stuff, never know what I might find.

Here's the link - wander and browse, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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Mr Cufflink said...

Hi Beth,

I share your passion for antique and vintage cufflinks. The Art Deco mother-of-pearl pair you picture is gorgeous.

I also write a blog about antique cufflinks that you may find interesting (

Kind regards,