Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cool Clocks to add to your Website or Blog

Just discovered a really neat clock to add to my blog, courtesy of my friend Melanie, who is using it on her blog cher*ished Treasures.

The name of the site is ClockLink, and it's a freebie. There are many different clock styles available - just click on the Gallery tab to see them all. You can change the time zones, and there's even a World Clock that shows all the different countries in the world as a graphic, with their respective time zones.

I wanted something simple, so the hand-drawn clock was perfect. But you can get animal clocks, transparent clocks, digital clocks, and some really god-awful animated clocks - there's lots and lots of choices.

Unfortunately, I also tried to add it to my WordPress blog, but it wouldn't accept the code.

Thanks, Mel, for sharing!

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