Friday, September 12, 2008

Picasa 3 Now Available

Just downloaded Picasa 3, the free Google photo program, and was pleasantly surprised with it's new additions. Though not really meant for stock photography work, Picasa is a fine photo program for those who want to organize their images, but don't need the professional designer tweaks that Photo Shop offers.

I had fun playing with the new Text editing feature. I'd been planning on ordering new business cards from VistaPrint (my favorite cheap business card company), and the new Picasa offered an easy alternative - I could take any of my photos, add the text I wished, and quickly upload it to VistaPrint. Picasa 3 also offers a variety of font styles, colors, and even outlined fonts, just to give your text a bit of spice.

Here's the photo I've been playing with - that's Streak, being hugged by her favorite human, Tom.


Piroska said...


I just wanted to ask if you could tell me how I can upload the photos from the new picasa directly to Vistaprint.....
(The Upload button lets me upload them only the google web almum...??!!)

Thank you in advance

beth pulsipher said...

Hi Piroska - You cannot go directly from Picasa to VistaPrint. Instead, you must save your photos through Picasa into My Pictures on your computer (or wherever your photos store on your computer). Then, you can import your photo into Vistaprint directly from your computer by uploading them from My Pictures. :) beth

Piroska said...

Hi Beth,
thank you very much for your very fast reply! Yes, that's the way I used to do it, I thought there might me an easier and faster way directly through Picasa.
Thank you anyway.
:) Piroska