Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learning at the Horse Show

Having never been to a horse show before, I decided to enjoy a morning of camera, horses and kids. Primarily I was there for practice, and after shooting nearly 150 photos, I ended up with just a handful of decent shots, none of which are stock-worthy.

Fog and low-light really made it difficult to shoot, and I tried both inside the show barn and outside in the show ring. But keeping in mind that this was a learning experience, I tried different ISOs and f-stops, and played with various shooting angles, trying to get more light into my camera. Still had lots of noise, since I started shooting at 1600 and moved downwards towards 200 on the outside shots.

The photo at left is a young girl - such a cutie with her pigtails with pink ribbons! - psyching up for her turn in the ring.

Photo at right gives you a perspective of how small these girls are compared to big horses!

Bottom pix are of young ladies and their mounts, one waiting to be called to the ring, and the other just finishing her round in the fog.

The photos seen here have been cleaned up with Neat Image, but they aren't as sharp as I'd like them to be. Had a great time, but still learning, learning, learning . . .

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