Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog Tag!!

Jamee, of Jonara Blu, tagged me at her blog, along with five others bloggers. It's a fun way to share some really interesting blogs with others - here's how the Blog Tag game works:

1) First , you link to the person who tagged you on your blog

2) Then, you post the rules on your blog

3) Then you share 6 random things about yourself (try not to scare your readers away!)

4) At the end of your post, tag 6 people and link to them

5) Be sure to let each person know they've been tagged

Be sure to visit Jamee's Jonara Blu blog, also her Jonara Blu ~ Maui shop. She lives in Hawaii and custom designs beautiful jewelry - her stuff's fabulous. She often does matching sets for brides and their bridesmaids, so peek in for some really great gift ideas.

Okay, now to the fun "6 Random Things About Me":

1. I just started knitting again, after a 30+ year absence, and am having a ball with it! Five scarves in eight days, and there's a whole lot more to come.

2. There's only one kind of chocolate - MILK chocolate! That dark stuff is way too bitey. Chocolate shouldn't be vicious.

3. I've been a photographer since I was knee-high, learned from my press-photographer dad. If only he were still here to see all the neat stuff they've done to his beloved Nikons!

4. My four rescue cats all think they own me, and I can't get them to understand that I'm supposed to be the boss. Well, at least one day a week.

5. I drive a Kia Sedona, and - even though it's a really inexpensive car - I love it. It handles well in the snow, has an excellent heat/a-c system, and I can get a whole show's worth of antiques in it!

6. My bestest friend in this whole wide world is my husband Tom, who makes me laugh every day. Even on his bad days. He's just the bestest.

And I'm tagging:

1. Joanara Blu Maui - her Hawaii pictures and her life there show so beautifully in her photos

2. Paul Burwell's Wildshots - top-notch wildlife photography ideas and tips from one of the best in the business

3. Woolgirl - beautiful handpainted yarns, so many different kinds it'll make your head spin

4. RGebbiePhoto - Robert and his wife Lori, and their lives as photographers

5. Todd Supe - All You Need to Know About Microstock Photography

6. The LooneyBin - this one isn't a blog, but is instead a forum of friendly photographers who share lots of good camera tips and info, well-worth visiting if you like photography


ChezChani said...

I wonder if you've considered semi-sweet? I don't care for the dark chocolate either though.

beth pulsipher said...
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beth pulsipher said...

Semi-sweet is okay, but I'm still in love with milk chocolate. I bake and cook with Ghiradelli's semi-sweet. But for straight in-the-hand eating, I'm just spoiled for milk chocolate. :)