Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TDP - Good News!

Tom with his Streak

We've just returned from Ann Arbor, where we met with Tom's oncologist, Dr. Urba. Tom's now finished with radiation, and it's on to (oh joy) chemotherapy.

Dr. Urba covers a lot of ground in a very short period of time. She's a whirling dervish in a white coat, and talks a mile a minute. We noticed that she doesn't walk down a hallway - she has a gait that is almost-trot - and when staff see her coming, they just get out of her way.

She reviewed Tom's progress so far, and then explained that not only was she scheduling Tom for chemo, but that he was eligible for a trial study.

That was music to our ears, since earlier we'd been told that he was no longer eligible for a trial study because his cancer had spread. But Dr. Urba explained that this was a different study from the original - and surprise! - it involved the same drug that was in the original study!

The study that Tom will be participating in allows for cancer spread and also radiation, which was good news since many studies do not allow glow-in-the-dark patients.

In approximately 2 to 3 weeks, Tom will be lovingly infused with three cancer-fighting drugs, one of which is the trial study drug. The other two are standard chemo treatment. He'll have chemo once every three weeks, with rest periods in-between. Dr. Urba has set up three treatments, and then will re-evaluate with a PET scan to determine how things are going. Tom was especially relieved to hear that he didn't need an MRI - he hates them with a passion, and swore the next one he had would be under sedation.

Tom's radiation treatments seem to have improved his tolerance of more types of foods, and he's not throwing up anywhere near as much as before. His energy level has improved, too. His back is still giving him fits, so Dr. Urba prescribed pain patches to give him better over-all coverage.

So onwards and upwards, as we continue this journey - we're strong, staying positive, and we're thankful for all our friends and family, who have made it so very clear that we are loved. Your support means so much - and we're sending good vibes back to each and every one of you!

God bless . . . (and gigantic hugs to all!)


Jonara Blu Maui said...

thats great news! I hope that he doesn't feel too ill w/ the treatments..tho he is feeling nauseas already you say from the cancer.

My mom (a massage therapist)is working a lot on a friends husband that has cancer..the pain is intense and jumps around I guess..not just in his back. I guess it brings him a little relief. I wonder if your insurance will cover anything like that?

p2pix said...

Glad to hear the good news for you both!!

beth pulsipher said...

Hi Jamee - massage therapy is fantastic for cancer patients! Tom's a CMT, and when he's feeling good, trades with other CMTs for massages. We don't have any insurance, so we'll fortunate that he has the skill and ability to trade massages.

Robin@creations-anew.com said...

That is wonderful new...best wishes!

How do you enjoy shutter...I've been a bit nervous to put my photos on there....???


beth pulsipher said...

Robin, go for it! It took 3 times for me to get into SS, and it'll take a while to get a decent-sized portfolio. But SS has a wonderful forum that gives great tips to newbies, so it's worth looking. And come join us at the LooneyBin - there's a bunch of SS photographers there, and we're all friendly. http://thelolooneybin.com/

Anonymous said...

That is exceptional news!

Sharon & John

Frances said...

Beth, this is terrific news!! Sending hugs your way for both of you! Frances

Aimi said...