Thursday, January 08, 2009

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting with a Smile

Tom thinks I'm crazed. Or at least, definitely addicted. I've been happily knitting away, and since January 1st have made four scarves and am now starting a fifth.

I've had so much fun with these projects. The first scarf went to my mother-in-law as a Christmas present, and she was nearly speechless - no one had ever handmade anything for her before. She loves her scarf - it's the honey-colored one I showed a few days ago in my earlier blog on knitting.

I made it a little too big for her - she's only 4'9" - but she can wrap herself in it and be warm. The other night, Tom was talking with her on the phone, and she announced that she had turned down the heat in the house and was cuddled up with her new scarf!

The second scarf I made for a friend. Well, that's what I told Tom. I noticed him looking wistfully when I began the second scarf ( the red one above), and decided that since he looks great in red, the second was to be his. I gave it to him yesterday, and he loves it.

That's Tom below, in the new 6 inches of snow we had today, showing off his new scarf.

It must be a family trait - last night he was wrapped up toasty-warm in his new scarf, sitting on our sofa, just like his Mom.

And then I made another two red scarves, both for friends, and have started another in -finally - a deep multi-blue/brown. I'm having a blast trying out different colors, and will soon graduate to some new project - I have several in mind. (But I'm not telling who will be my next knitting-victim . . . this is way too much fun!)


Jonara Blu Maui said...

Your stock photos look great..I"m not suprised people are buying them!

I'm tagging you! Info should be on a post up on my blog in just a little bit!

beth pulsipher said...

Thanks, Jamee!! I'll be checking your blog - :) b