Monday, July 03, 2006

Equine and Canine Antiques - The Old Grey Mare

Brass American Saddlebred horse doorstop "King's Genius" 1938
Sometimes it's fun to find antiques in a particular category. Many collectors enjoy grouping their treasures together, displaying their finds in a themed setting. It can be difficult to find certain antiques when you are trying to build a collection, so it's always wonderful to meet a dealer who loves what you love and carries a good assortment of the very thing you are looking for.

A good friend of mine, Dexter Grass, is an antiques dealer who specializes in dog and horse antiques. She carries other kinds of antiques too, but her true love is in vintage canine and equine items. In her hunts, she manages to find so many different kinds of dog- and horse-themed antiques - jewelry, lighting, early tins, bookends, doorstops, books, glassware, games - and it's amazing to think that one could actually amass an entire household of dog and horse antiques!

If you like dogs and horses, take a look at Dexter's Ruby Lane webshop. It's called The Old Grey Mare, and you can click here, or you can go to it by clicking on the link in the sidebar on the right.

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