Thursday, July 13, 2006

Like Different Ethnic Foods?

Image: A proper cheese plate

Recently I've been having fun reading and participating in a great website on eating ethnic foods. It's called
and is a new website dedicated to those of us who are a bit adventuresome and like to try different things.

It's been great fun to learn from those in other countries who are sharing their food descriptions and recipes. Lots of folks on this site are asking questions about foods they've heard about but wanted more information. All sorts of different ethnic foods are covered - I've been looking at forums on Greek, Maylaysian, Thai, Mexican, French and more. There's also threads on specific foods - cheese, sushi, Indian breads, vegetarian and more ideas keep arriving everyday.

Be sure to check this one out - it's really whetted my appetite for some interesting, scrumptious food ideas.

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