Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Architectural Antiques? Try Urban Remains

If you enjoy really unusual, one of a kind architectural antiques, be sure to visit Urban Remains, a Chicago firm which specializes in building salvage.

The 1915 cartouche shown is huge - it's 12 feet tall, and 20 feet wide! The white terra cotta below shows a laurel wreath and cornucopias with the masks of comedy and tragedy; this was was originally on the Terminal Theatre in Chicago, and dates back to 1915.

At the moment, they are saving great parts from a Italianate residence, an old athletic club, and a depression-era bank. Urban Remains is Chicago's most active company involved in both large and small demolitions, and is the area's largest source for antique hardware.

The Prairie-style brick apartment complex shown here is almost a city block long, and was built around 1910. They are in process of removing birch mantels, tile surrounds, birch doors and millwork, staircases, marble vestibules and limestone entrance door surrounds.

Urban Remains has lots of vintage lighting, period stained and leaded glass windows, early building elements, old ironwork plus lots of things you just wouldn't expect - like the vintage stainless steel toilet and sink combination, direct from the Cook County Jail (below).

If you are looking for something special for your home or office, they are worth a call.

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