Friday, July 25, 2008

My Lightbox at 123rf. com

I've just begun building a lightbox at for my Maine images. It's easier for my buyers to quickly find my Maine pictures this way, and it shows the variety of different photos as I continue to build this "portfolio-inside-my

Take a peek - there are landscapes, Fall scenes, architecture, wildflowers, and my favorite place to be - the Pemaquid Point lighthouse. The direct link to 123rf is in the column on the lower right.


Derek said...

Hi Beth, it's builttospill. I heard you had to pay a visit to the hospital recently. That's never fun. I hope you are okay now and things are back to normal. Wishing you the best.


beth pulsipher said...

Hey Derek - Thanks for sending the good vibes! Just back from the vascular surgeon, who said I'm doing fine and not to come back for six months - that was really good news. :) b