Monday, July 21, 2008

Easier Sorting with Rainbow Folders

Just ran across this from friend Scott Johnson, the Florida Computer Tutor (take a look at his blog - it's full of good stuff!).

The freeware Rainbow Folders helps you sort out all the different kinds of folders you have in your computer by color-coding them. It's designed to make your life easier by group identification of your files, and great for showing various types of files as being connected.

I'm going to make all my photo files in blue, while my word processing files will be green, and my spreadsheets will be red (they are usually bill-related!).

It's pretty easy to use, and you can custom colorize in just about any hue. It works with Windows XP and Vista folders. Under the Options selection, you can choose other languages too.

PS - Be sure to use the US version for the download, unless you speak Polish, as the SERVER 1: Software Author version will be in Polish.

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