Monday, July 28, 2008

PhotoShop Disasters

Here's a fun site - PhotoShop Disasters is a blog showing how crazy some in the advertising business are when it comes to logical (or illogical) editing.

The photo of the Sears model above doesn't look too bad, until you notice her left hand. For some unknown reason, her hand's been altered to gigantic - definitely a PhotoShop disaster. And in the shot below, did you notice anything missing? Like maybe her belly button? Maybe the guy who PS'd this one just hates navels and couldn't help himself.

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Pinkie said...

BTW, Renaissance Scultpters and painters frequently made the hand disporportionate to correct perspective.
Check out the statue of David in Florence for example.
"Critics have suggested several reasons for this, but the most convincing is that the statue was originally commissioned to decorate the walls of a cathedral where it would have been placed high above the ground and thus exaggerating the hands made them more visible from a distance."

This may be Photoshop Irony or Photoshop tribute to Michelangelo...